NFT-333 is a groundbreaking concept based on a triple threat of blockchain technology, digital art, and philanthropy. By offering valueable NFTs that can be redemmed and donating a big chunk to charities and crypto foundations, NFT-333 is on a mission to redefine the role of NFTs. Having teamed up with Kiko we plan to bridge the gap between NFT and MEME to drive forward growth within the space and to provide oppurunites for individuals to grow.

NFT-333 and COOL KIDS have joined forces to bring you a new and exciting collection that will be unique to NFT-333. We will deliver on our promise to support new artists and give then a platform to help them grow. Our support goes beyond the reveal party, we will contine to support each artist as they grow within the space. The collection on show is from COOL KIDS first collection of 10,000 NFTs available on MATIC. Link is in the socials. For NFT-333 they will create a new collection.







We are live now and have 3133 NFTs to mint. 200 NFTs have been kept for promotions, raffles and competitions. So a total of 3333 NFTs. The minting cost is 0.2 ETH.  MINT IS LIVE
A new artist will be picked for each draw. We will showcase the work they do and offer support to help them grow. Any artist can apply to be showcased. We take nothing from the artist and any secondary sales royalties go to the artists. ​MINT IS LIVE​​​
63% of the funds will be paid out in prizes, 2.5% of the funds will go to open sea, 10% to charity, 10% to KIKO and 14.5% operational costs and future developments. ​MINT IS LIVE​​​
1 NFT is worth 100,000 USD

10 NFTs are worth 33,333 USD

33 NFTs are worth 3,333 USD

150 NFTs are worth 333 USD

139 NFTs are free NFTs for future use

For the first round the winning NFT will get to choose the charity we donate to. Each charity will be vetted to ensure proper use of the funds. For round 2 charities will apply and the Kiko community will vote. ​MINT IS LIVE​​​
Kiko has partnered with NFT-333 to grow the space and bridge the gap between meme and NFT. Kiko will run the toad tank. Founders can apply for a grant to grow an idea. The idea will be checked by a team and if the team agree that the space needs it, it will be sent to the community for a vote. If the vote passes, Kiko will provide a grant. The founder will never be paid, instead we will employ community members with the right skill set to help build and grow the idea. The community members will then be paid as and when goals are met. To be eligible to apply for a grant, you must hold X kiko and stake it for the duration of the build. If you want to apply to work on the project, you must hold and stake X Kiko. Kiko will help ideas be born and grow the space using the community. ​MINT IS LIVE​​​

Launched initialized

With the launch going live we have 3333 NFTs. Out of that we are selling 3133. We have kept 200 as part of our promotion pot for competitions, raffles, prizes etc. We will give these to the community throughout the minting phase.


Mint Sold Out

Once minting has sold out we will hold a reveal party. This is where the art is showcased. All NFT holders can then redeem through the team.



This is where we get with the chosen charity for an AMA to find out who they are, what they do and what the funds will be spent on.


On the Hunt

This phase is where we hunt for the next artist to showcase and what charity to support for draw 2. We also have several other games to play whilst waiting for draw 2.